The last few days everytime I pee

I am in agony.  Obviously I have an infection or an irritation of the urethra,maybe both.  I think its no coincidence that it happening after the internal massage sessions I having to deal with my pelvic floor problems.  I will need to go the Urologist and talk to her about this as the treatment seemed to be going well for the 1st few weeks but this is the 3rd time this has happened in as many weeks.   Maybe through all the external massaging and internal they have dislodged something as my  urine seems to be very grainy at the moment.  I never did a reason why I had a period of painful urination which ended up with a  very bloody painful discharge in May of last year.  Maybe this is part of the same problem. At  the time though, despite exams and a  cystoscopy, they found nothing that caused the bleeding

As far as my Barretts, I am  trying very hard to change my diet.  I haven’t had an alcoholic drink since the 12th and only a few gatorades as alternative to water. Most process food is out as some form of acid is added as a preservative in them.  On seeing the Doctor it seems I have the long form Barretts which  statistically has a higher chance of changing to Oesophageal cancer.  However, I  have no active inflammation at the moment, so that is my aim, to not get it inflamed and to lose weight somehow.   I say that, as I know that will involve me being more active.  I do not have an active lifestyle and although I do go along to the gym at least twice a week, that needs to be more like 6 and for longer. That will entail a complete mindset change and changing my diet is as much as I can manage at this time.

One thing I should change is my  general lifestyle as my job is not healthy for me.  I am at home all week on my own  and I just sit at a PC screen (like now) or watch TV.  I have lost the ability to be social and I am becoming loath to put my nose outside the door even for grocery shopping, often leaving it to the last moment.  I could change jobs but the options available to me are limited.  I have tried retail work and I do not like it, plus it paid 40% less than I am getting now.  I have tried art volunteering but that didn’t work out as I am not into the academic side of the art world.  I like to read  a little about it  but keeping track of dates and movements is not my interest at all. This week I will make it my task to find a volunteer position as I really have no problem with my actual job but I do need to find an outlet for the social me.

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One Response to The last few days everytime I pee

  1. middlechild says:

    A lot of us are like this – working in front of the computer – I hope that gradually things ease up for you and that your health returns – health really is a huge “All”

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