more tests!

well I went to the Doctor about the UTI and sure enough I had an infection.  By the time I got to the doctor, the pain had shifted to my right side, so obviously it had moved to my kidney.  For some reason this warranted a CT scan which I had yesterday.  Today  I got the results

Apparently I have a distended ureter which in turn is causing problems in my right kidney.  Apparently, it could be 3 things , a blockage in the ureter from the kidney to my bladder, reflux – urine backing up into the ureter and back in the kidney and lastly, I might just have a weird ureter (I don’t think she said that exactly but something similar.)  So now I am  waiting to hear from the imaging centre for a Intravenous pyelogram and get the results in  2 weeks time.

Obviously I have been on the internet searching this out (no wonder I am a hypochondriac)  and it seems its unlikely to be reflux as this usually occurs in young children and  tends to a congenital defect.  The most likely reason is Kidney stones that have gotten stuck in my ureter. My doctor stressed it was not a tumour so that is one worry out of my mind.  Anyhow, sort of glad I went to the doctor now as probably best to nip the problem now rather than a full blown emergency which is apparently how larger kidney stones present themselves.

I was hoping that yesterday’s CT scan would be my last for the year but it seems that wasn’t the case.  Just hope it doesn’t interfere with our proposed visit to Scotland, France and Dresden in September.

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