escape from the heat, hurrah!!!!

this time next week, Gordon and I will be flying to Scotland and France for 3 weeks. At last we will be able to escape the oppressive heat of this summer.  So far there have been 72 days which were 100f or higher and we have at least another 6/7 days to go before any hint of a change. It has smashed the record from 1925 which was 69 days.  Since we have been here, we have lived through 4 of the hottest years on record and our governor is saying ‘global warming? what global warming?’ That isn’t a direct quote but he said something to that effect.   Apparently he has a good chance of being the republican candidate in  next year’s presidential race. For good measure, he must believe he has a direct line to God as he keeps having these prayer meetings for rain.  Obviously, God is blocking calls from Texas

Last week we had our interview for US citizenship and surprise! we passed.  Fortunately for us the guys told us our oath ceremony will be in Austin 26th Sept so that has allowed us to book this vacation which we have been waiting to take all summer.  Fortunately it was not this weekend as Hurricane Irene has decided to visit the east coast and all flights have been cancelled.  Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that nothing happens the weekend we fly back as we need to in Austin on the Monday.

So the outcome of my last test, a renal scan of my kidneys showed that they are working fine, with the right kidney being slightly slower at draining than the left but nothing serious. As the CT scan didn’t show any stones , the doctor is concerned that I have small growth within the ureter and as the ureter is a narrow tube basically, the ct scan hasn’t picked it up apart from the enlargement.  So now I am booked in for a Retrograde and Ureteroscopy which will examine the ureter.  Hopefully this will solve the puzzle of what is causing this enlarged ureter but knowing my medical history, I am sceptical.  I think I must have one of the most imaged bodies on the planet with nothing actually wrong with me, fingers crossed this will be the case this time.  I must admit I am not looking forward to this procedure as part of it will be placing a stent in the ureter for 10 days so it can recover from the trauma of  having a very thin scope pushed up it.  The doctor actually told me it can be quite painful whilst it is in place.   That is the reason why I have waited until after my vacation for this procedure as I really didn’t want to risk being in pain for the duration.

Last night I had a really  weird dream, the first I have had for a while and was very real,so much so I was slightly confused when I woke up.  At least if confirms I was asleep as I have been sleeping really poorly of late. I think its due to the weather and resulting lack of activity as it just too hot to do much.  Not that I really need an excuse not to do anything, that just a normal part of my life 🙂

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One Response to escape from the heat, hurrah!!!!

  1. middlechild says:

    And we had the very coldest winter here in decades – – over here only the politically correct call it “Global Warming” the rest call it “Climate Change” and our federal Gov wants to put a Carbon Tax on everything (except their own hot air) which will go a treat to pay off the billions we own the Chinese who are the biggest polluters ever in the history of mankind

    I hope for you that your surgery is okay and not too uncomfortable – do enjoy your holiday – I have never been out of Australia not even to Tasmania (part of Aus but an island) Lest hope this procedure sorts it all out.

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