Friday already! where has the week gone

On Wednesday we went to Glasgow for the day and we were really lucky with the weather, with the sun coming out for the time we were there.  We went immediately to the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art where the highlight was an exhibition of the work of Alasdair Gray who is an author, illustrator and artist.  I love the clean clear design and placement of Mr Grays work, it reminds a lot of Alice Keel’s work, although I am sure he would never had heard of her when he was creating this work

After that we revelled in being about to walk around Glasgow without collapsing with the heat. Think Gordon’s biggest disappointment was the lack of bars in the centre.  Of course it doesn’t help that Glasgow is foreign land to him as he studied in Ediburgh.  Anyway we found one on main street and then we were back in the car to go the Kelvingrove Museum and gallery.  Unfortunately, although Gordon sort of knew where it was,what that transpires into, going down streets blindly before turning around. The last one we end up in back alley of some street.  But I wasn’t going to say anything, just put my head down and waited for the cursing to start.  Eventually we go to the blind end so we had reverse.  Trouble was it was very narrow and full of trash bins.  Gordon was doing very well until the left wing mirror hit one of the bins – one smashed mirror !

we decided to abandon our trip to the museum and head home which was just as well, as it poured down with rain.

Yesterday, we did a road trip up to Oban and again the weather was good to us. It was glorious driving up with the mountains to our right on the way there and in front of us on the way back We had just enough time in Oban to have lunch, walk to the quay and then walk up to the McCaig tower. Wish we could have stayed longer but it was Jim’s 86th birthday so we needed to get back to Hurlford by 6 pm. As it turns our there was a massive traffic jam at Loch Lomond, so it was nearer 7 before we got back. Below a few pictures from the day. Today we had a quiet day at home with a trip to the shops in the PM. The weather yet again was glorious, with temps nearly 70f. Tomorrow is promising to be a good one and we plan to go to a folk festival in Troon. However, Sunday and Monday are promising rain and gale force winds with the remnants of Hurricane Katia reaching Scotland on Monday.

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