Back to 100f+ weather :( but life is good :)

Cannot believe we have come back to 100f+ weather!  90 days in total.  Hopefully today will be the last one but with all this weird weather who knows. No only have we had a record number of 100f + day, we have also surpassed the record for the number of 90f+ days (157 so far) and they will not stop for at least a month  –  yikes!

France and Scotland are already a memory but a good one.  We took so many photos between us, if we held a slide show @3 sec per picture, it would take over an hours.  Thanks to Gordon for that maths calculation.  Basically we had a wonderful time and wish we could have stayed for much longer (like forever) but that is reserved for another stage of our lives.  Now we have much more to look forward to.

The first one, happened the Monday after we arrived home.  We became US citizens, yeah, no more green cards:)The next event is not something I am looking forward to , an operation to examine my enlarged ureter and put in a temporary stent.  No doubt, its simply a kidney stone which is too small to be picked up by a CT scan but given that my Aunt died last year with bladder cancer, I am not taking it lightly.

But October ends on a high note with the wedding of my eldest daughter to her beau, Harvey.  As with all weddings, there have been a few communication problems which was not helped by the fact we were in Scotland when they announced their engagement.  They are determined to do it their way which is great because I am not into weddings at all but I am looking forward to the party.  Sounds like its going to be great and very much like Elisabeth

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One Response to Back to 100f+ weather :( but life is good :)

  1. middlechild says:

    Wonderful news the wedding – they look so happy. Hope the operation goes smoothly and all is well – and congratulations on citizenship

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