beginning to feel like normal

Yesterday I had the procedure to discover why I had an enlarged ureter and kidney.  Every thing went fine.  I haven’t got the full report but basically the Doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with my bladder or ureter which is good news.  She put in a temporary stent which had a very fine nylon thread attached to it so I could remove it myself on Thursday am. I had no pain, only a slight discomfort in the urethra and some stinging on urination, so I didn’t need to use the painkillers she prescribed.

The fun (smiley)started as I got into bed and my foot caught the thread attached to the stent, dragging it out slightly.  Must admit, that scared the life out of me but figured I would just have to live with it poking out until Thursday when I could remove it. I read for a while and then got up to have a drink.  It was then I realised I was leaking urine.  What was I to do? It was mid-night, no way of contacting the doctor.  So the only thing to do was to pull the thing out entirely and contact the doctor in the morning.

With one deep breathe, it was out and it really didn’t hurt.  I lay down on the bed and began to feel cramps like labour.  After 30 mins, decided I needed to take the painkiller prescribed but I took the antibiotics by mistake however I didn’t realise that at first.  After about 15 mins, the pain was getting worse and that was went I realised I had taken the antibiotic instead of the painkiller.   Within 10 mins of taking the painkiller, I was in the bathroom, almost fainting in pain, dizzy and nauseous to point of vomiting.   I thought it must be the painkiller, sucked it up and when to bed.  I soon dropped off to sleep with the combination of a sleeping pill (taken before I took the stent out, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken it) and Vicodin.  At 4am I woke up in pain again so took another vicodin.

At 8.30 I rang my Doctor’s office.  I took another couple of vicodin whilst waiting the Doctor’s instruction.  Basically, unless the pain in my back continue or got worse, I was take the painkillers and a warm bath. If it got worse, then she would put another stent in this pm.  Fortunately, the warm bath and painkillers worked.  I took the 2nd antibiotic.  So the back pain was better but I was still nauseous and dizzy, I couldn’t even watch TV as it made me feel worse. The only relief was lying down. I was still thinking it was the painkillers.

2pm came and went, I was still feeling bad.  So thought I would check the side effects of the antibiotics.  At first, I thought, no it can’t been as the main side effect was  diarrhea but then I read on to the smaller script, among the many many side effects, dizziness and nausea.   I rang the Doctor’s office again and the advice was to stop taking the antibiotic until the Doctor came back with instructions and take benadryl to counteract any allergic reaction.   I did that and when back to bed.  Doctor came back with instructions that it was ok to stop taking the antibiotic as the stent was out but to watch for any fever developing.

Anyway, the benadryl worked and by 3.30 I was beginning to feel a lot better.  So cephalexin with levaquin are now on my list of adverse medication list, both potent antibiotics.

It now, nearly 7pm and I haven’t had any painkillers since this morning. dancing smiley I am having a little pain in the loin and urethra but that can only be expected after having a long (about 24 to 30 cm.) thin plastic tube stuck up inside of me for 14 hrs.  Hopefully this will be then end of this episode as I really don’t wont a repeat of the last 18 hrs.

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One Response to beginning to feel like normal

  1. middlechild says:

    What a happening – I am glad you are recovering but it must have been awful

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