Big changes ahead :)

Well, 2012 is going to be an exciting time in our house.

Alan  and his girlfriend are  moving to Colorado to try his luck in a different place.  Emily is moving back home for a while so she can study to become a teacher  Elisabeth and Harvey are becoming parents. Yes! that right, Elisabeth is expecting a baby next July!

We have known for a couple of weeks but I wanted to hold off announcing it to the whole world (or my little band of friends)  until she had her 1st scan today. Everything is going really well and little Baby English is due on 14th July.

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2 Responses to Big changes ahead :)

  1. Middle Child says:

    This is so good – and yes I have the feeling about 2012 as do our two daughters… – didn’t feel this way last year

  2. Middle child says:

    A Happy New Year to you…still living out of suitcases but soon after mid Jan will be back on track…a strange time

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