constant flank pain

is driving me nuts. Its like someone is digging their finger in my side all the time but seems to be worse than normal at the moment. I know its to do with my kidney but apparently there is nothing wrong. Have an appointment with the urologist next week, a new one as my old one moved back to Michigan, so hopefully she might have more ideas of what is wrong.

To be honest, everything is driving me nuts at the moment. Despite being at the gym 5 to 6 a week since the end of November, my weight has barely shifted.  So need to look, long and hard at my diet.  Compared to the massive amounts of food all those really large people on the TLC , I eat relatively healthily l but obviously not well enough if I am not losing weight. Plus I really need to be on my feet more, rather than browsing the internet. Some days I manage it but other – blah:(  So learning more about proteins, carbs, insulin resistance fat and most importantly my thyroid. Appears taking the pills are not the nirvana I thought they were. My whole system from diabetes, cholesterol, kidney function and hypertension are all side effects of an inefficient thyroid. To be honest, I think by the time I have discover all that I will have earn another degree!

The one person who is suffering from all this naggy naggy behaviour is Gordon. He must wonder if he can get anything right these days.  Poor guy, spends the majority of his life at work or in a traffic jam, only to get home to a miserable ratty wife. However, my pet peeve, his beer bottles which are stacked one side  of the sink, waiting for to washed and the other side, on a drying rack ,waiting to be put away, will not go away! I hate this one hobby of his, with a passion 😦  Nothing can make the kitchen look tidy whilst there are boxes of beer/wine bottles everywhere or stack on the counters. On top of that, I can’t even drink any of it these days as it just pack on the weight. So most of those bottles are drunk by him and he doesn’t put on any weight.  Life is just not fair 😦


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One Response to constant flank pain

  1. middlechild says:

    I hate to say this but it might help in the long run – I only wish i had beer bottles stacked up on my sink… sadly one of you will be left alone on this earth and i feel for that one…the reality is dreadful. One time Don and I were spatting and he just turned and looked at me fur such a long time – if only I could see those beautiful eyes again – he said, “Lets not do this anymore” and you know we didn’t – we had both short fuses before. He was killed five months later and as far as we went I have no regrets – nothing left unsaid or undone – just miss his company as crusty as it was.
    The weight issue I understand -who amongst us is not concerned about it?

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