Type II diabetes, taking charge

Well, I have finally taken the plunge and am tightly controlling my eating at the moment. This means writing down all that I eat and drink (apart from water) , reading labels or find the information I need on the internet.

This site is brilliant for nutritional values – self nutrition data  I have also become obsessed with the discussion board on the American Diabetes association website.  They have a variety of boards and loads of real life solutions. Of course, there are also a lot of dispute amongst the pros (people with diabetes, not medical professionals) so it’s a case of reading and discovering what works for you. Medical professionals seem to be in even more dispute than the patients, so again it a matter of sorting  the chaff from the wheat.  Basically it boils down to diet, exercising and looking after yourself as the best way forward.

No individual will have the same experience as the other, so the meter is your best friend.  At the moment I am over testing as I want to see how food, or more importantly how carbs are effecting me.  Seems I am particularly sensitive to carbs which is normal in type II diabetes but really it boils down to being more active as if I can use those carbs, my glucose levels will go down.  That  is one my hardest challenges as although they say do 30 mins of exercise each day is sufficient, that is not really enough.  What you should be doing is moving around as soon as you eat, rather than what is my norm, eat and sit.  My calories might be fairly low compared to other people but the carbs I am consuming, are not being consumed but stored each time I sit down.

So I am going stop here now so I can get up and do something which involves movement. Doing the dishes, standing sorting the post out on the island, general housework, ironing, just using my own body weight for a majority of day, rather than resting it on a seat:( Of course, going to the gym is even better which is why I am committed to going to the gym 3x I hr strength training with my trainer and 3 x 45 mins of cardio.  Weather permitting a long walk with Gordon and Angus on Saturdays.

This will be the beginning of a new me. No hope or try but definitely. I have already loss 2 lbs in a week, so feeling good 🙂

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One Response to Type II diabetes, taking charge

  1. middlechild says:

    Do take care and make sure you check your feet under the toes regularly – my daughter’s husband lost his leg last year because he didn’t notice a small black spot underneath his big toe…he didn’t feel it because the feeling had gradually lessened which was to do with the arteries…it was shocking. he basically ate well and did the right thing but wasn’t careful with his feet. Take care okay. not the bearer of scary news just think better forewarned.

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