What do you do when you travel 1900 miles

4 days? You take photos as your pass each town going pass the back window.

Well, that is each of my kids hundreds of miles away, with Alan moving to Denver at the weekend.  I must admit I am kinda of bummed at the moment, for purely selfish reasons.  As we were leaving Denver I had to cry as I realised I am unlikely to be close (physically) to my kids as they go forward in life.  True, Emily is coming back in July so its not completely gloomy but its a stepping stone in her life. She doesn’t know where she wants to end up but it’s unlikely to be Austin and hopefully like her siblings, she will find a partner to share her life with.

I find it very ironic that both Alan and Elisabeth have found partners who are very family orientated and their children will be surrounded with the love of aunts, uncles and cousins. They never really grew up with that luxury, as apart from Scotland where Gordon’s parents lived, our family has never been closed. Thankfully through the wonder of the internet, they do know their cousins, aunts and uncles but its not really the same as having the drama of having family nearby.

At least with modern technology and modern transport, we will always be ‘close’. I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like when parents waved their children off to explore the seas and other continents, never to be seen again. That must have been unbearable 😦  So I had a cry but then I thought of the positives, all the trips to New Mexico and Colorado we can look forward to and then where ever Emily lands 🙂 I am so lucky and so are my Kids.

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One Response to What do you do when you travel 1900 miles

  1. Middle Child says:

    My girls are 37 and 34 respectively. They left home at 17 each. Totally. They were in relationships soon after. I wet into a bit of a funk at the time – my mother had not long died and my husband was so sick so often. It tore me apart.

    Time passed and I made a point of writing letters to them weekly, doing little drawings – one responded to every letter and drawing the other not as much – I now have folders of letters and cards from them – but time passed, one almost died from medical treatment and her health ill never be the same. the other had crises and incidents – but bot survived. Often I was lonely for them but had don with me and he was such a man – knew just how to be for all his disability – there can be passion that able-bodied people know nothing of – he loved me totally by words and actions because he had no hands and body to love with – if this makes sense – since he was killed my girls have drawn closer even though I only live near one – hang in there – write to them draw for them, ring them tell them about yourself – and as you have no choice let them go – you have been a good mum and this will stand you in good stead…its a hard road seeing kids go. i to have thought about my ancestors leaving Ireland during the Famine years – one I know lost her baby daughter on the voyage out – buried at sea – how her heart must have broken but she endured…we can do this too…hope you are okay – take care.

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