better today

So I have edited yesterday’s post as some of it was ‘more than needed to be known’ content as my eldest daughter pointed out.  But also, I was in a horrible depressed mood yesterday due to a cold I caught last week.  Started a week ago last Monday after visiting Elisabeth for her baby shower.   Elisabeth had what seem to be an seasonal allergy  plus there were a couple of toddlers there and I suspect, my body not being use to all the nasty bugs they carry, just reacted.  Have you noticed that parents of very young kids are always sick, I know we were constantly ailing when our kids were younger.  They would pick up something which affected them for 12 hrs at the most and we were flat out on our backs for 48hrs!

Anyway, as I said it started out more than a week ago and  I actually got better as on Friday and Saturday I was fine, except for  a squeaky voice.  Did a morning of lifting heavy mulch bags on Sunday and felt great.  Then middle of the pm, Wham! I was feeling terrible, shakes, sore throat and sneezing.  So I think I had one bug and somehow picked up another bug in between times   Been like that since Sunday, so I wasn’t a happy babe yesterday afternoon when I wrote my post.  I did think of deleting the whole post but apart from a few ‘over the top, don’t need to know comments’ most of it is true, unfortunately.

I am going to start some classes I think in the autumn once we get back from Scotland and France to reconnect those creative vibes and meet new people.  Thought about doing it this summer but I really want to be free to just travel down to Houston this summer and make the most of Baby English (if Elisabeth and Harvey don’t mind, of course.)   Not everyday, you get new life to celebrate and witness.  In the meantime, I am going to chill out and get fit before her arrival.

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2 Responses to better today

  1. Middle Child says:

    Nothing wrong with your last post – it was a good post actually – tell me one person who has not had periods in their life like you describe…even when Don was alive we both had times when we felt just like that…has nothing to do with how much you love someone or anything – its just being human…looking forward to hearing your good news when it happens Grannie ; )

    • Jacqui says:

      Yeah, I had a humdinger that day and there is nothing wrong with the post now but it had some very personal stuff which people don’t need to know about. Message to self, don’t write a post when you are sick and depressed, bad combination. Hope you are keeping well, Theresa. Settling into a new place takes quite a while, may take a few years even with your daughter close by. But one day, you will look around and say yeah, this is home now and its not bad. Got to that stage about TX as few years ago but pride didn’t allow me to acknowledge it until fairly recently. That’s the reason Gordon and I are not in hurry to move out of a house that is massively too big for us. The trauma of moving is hell!

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