Not such a good week

Elisabeth was discharged on Sunday and unfortunately, re-admitted to A&E, 3 hrs later in extreme shock from blood loss and infection. Since then had at least 2, might be 3, units of blood so her haemoglobin has stabilised but the infection is proving to be persistent as her temperature rose again last night.  Has to be normal for 24 hrs before she can be discharged. So hopefully she will be home by Saturday. Finger crossed.

She has had barely the energy to hold Juniper since Sunday 😦  but at least she is able to keep close to her.  Yesterday, she was feeling a lot better now her haemoglobin level is up to her pre-pregnancy level, just needs this infection to go away now.  Her husband, Harvey and her best friend, Kelly have been brilliant, especially Kelly.  She deserves an award looking after a new-born at night.  The hospital allows the baby to be there during the day but not the night.

Throughout this Elisabeth has been great, I would have been so depressed if I had been in this situation but she is made of sterner stuff than me.    Just keep sending good vibes her way and soon this period will be a distance memory.

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One Response to Not such a good week

  1. Middle Child says:

    How scary is this…I will wish for all to be well and happy and home as a family…take care

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