Update on Elisabeth

Well, after 11 days in Hospital (bar 3 hrs), Elisabeth was discharged from hospital.  She is finally on her way to recovering although with the blood clot and a 4th degree tear, she has an extensive recovery period, probably several months.  As Elisabeth aptly said, she had a caesarean, just not in the normal place 😦 and potentially with more serious outcomes. Finger crossed that is not the case.  Remarkably she is still breast-feeding to a degree Unfortunately all this trauma has had an effect on the amount  she is producing so she has to supplement with formula. Pretty sure that if she manages to continue as she is, soon breast milk will suffice.  She is made of much sterner stuff than her mother.  She really does deserve a medal as does her husband, Harvey. Don’t think they will get over this nightmare, if ever but the one shining thing to emerge from all this is Juniper with all the love she engender between them. 

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2 Responses to Update on Elisabeth

  1. Middle Child says:

    A rough start for them all especially for Elizabeth – am pleased that all are on the road to recovery you too no doubt

  2. Jacqui says:

    Think I need to stop writing things as it seems like as soon as I write another issue crops up. Not sure what is up now but back to the Doc tomorrow and more medication. As she is breastfeeding this is really concerning for her. She is proving to be an amazing Mother despite all these hurdles put in her way.

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