6 wks and 3 day after giving birth

Elisabeth has finally been cleared by her doctor. Blood clot gone and now she can enjoy her little family

Saw them for the last  time until the end of October on Saturday.  Next week they begin the next part of their adventure when they move to New Mexico in the heart of Lincoln National Forest where they will be surrounded by all the glory that nature this country can provide if you want it.  In the meantime, she is working out her notice (4 days) as her maternity leave finished today. Thankfully it is only 4 days but can’t believe, if they hadn’t of decided to move to New Mexico, Juniper would now be deprived of the nurturing comforts of her mother because the leading country in the industrialized world doesn’t provided paid maternity or paternity leave for their young parents.

Must admit I am loving being a Nan and I am sorry they are moving so far away from us but then the times we are together  will be even more precious.   New Mexico sounds like it will be a wonderful place to be brought up and she will be growing up with her cousins, aunt and Uncle. (note I say cousins as Elisabeth’s sister in law has just discovered she is expecting her 2nd child next March :))   Eventually one set of Grandparents will be there as well but at the moment they are summer visitors with their horses and goats.  What a brilliant start to life.

In the meantime Elisabeth’s brother and sister are also finding their paths in life.  Emily moved back home just about 3 wks ago and is waiting to start a new job in a local Bank.  She has plans to travel as well.  During the summer she made a trip to Ireland with her best friend and they fell in love with the place and people.   Both of them fully intend to move there eventually. Lindsay once she has done her nursing training and Emily has soon as she can.  First she needs to establish her banking career (if she likes it) and save some money.  But looks like we will have a European in the family again in a few years times. Fingers crossed 🙂
This weekend we are visiting Alan and Shelbie in Denver.  He appears to be loving living there.  Next week I will post a summary of our visit.  After that we will be visiting Scotland and France for a couple of weeks.  Kind of looking forward and dreading the cooler weather.  Realised this summer, I am actually getting acclimatised to the hot weather we have in Texas when I think its cool when the temp drop below 72f/21c 😀

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  1. I have to admit when you said “because the leading country in the industrialized world doesn’t provided paid maternity or paternity leave for their young parents.” i thought of this from “HBO’s Newsroom watch this if you have time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zabb3fxGTPk in reality the most industrialised nation is China a country which executes people for minor crimes and uses their organs for profit drive transplants ..a country which aborts/kills almost full term babies if you don’t have the cash to pay up… You and I no longer live in “civilized” countries we just think we do sadly…hope I haven’t upset you here but this is how it is…the Chinese own and rule the world. Us oldies just have to make sure our kids and theirs are protected fro the worst. In the future the US and the Brits etc may not be the premier countries but if we hold true to the honour and respect for life that we hold true…our children and grand children will be the better for this.

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