just had the most wonderful November

as Elisabeth and her family visited from 31st Oct – 25 Nov. This was one happy Nan 🙂  Juniper is growing so fast and even in the 3.5 wks she was with us, we noticed so many changes.

At first Elisabeth was a little worried about us babysitting as she has been breast feeding all this time and Juniper was not use to a bottle. But she’s a smart baby and realised quick enough that if that is the only to get food, what the heck?   Elisabeth also uses cloth diapers so that was concern at first (probably on my part, more than her) but as I was saying to Gordon the other night, if we had cloth nappies like when our kids were small, life would have so much easier. No large pins to stab the wiggling baby, just poppers. No liners and no plastic pants to cover nappy.  Best of all, in the 3 wks, not one leak!

She is such an easy baby to look after. Obviously she had her periods of squawking but that is the only way of communicating at the moment.  Most of the time though, she was happy gabbling away on her play mat and being held by various adults.

The highlight of the month was a visit by Alan and his girlfriend Shelbie. Originally they planned to stay in Denver for Thanksgiving but Shelbie’s Mum has a health issue which would preclude her visiting Denver as planned at Christmas.  As Shelbie is an only child, she naturally wanted to see her Mum before the planned medical procedure.

So on Thanksgiving Day, we had our first ever ‘Turkey Meal’ in the 12.5 yrs we have lived here.  We resisted the temptation to say ‘thanks’ as it was not a thanksgiving meal and we restrained from pulling Christmas Crackers even though in spirit it was more Christmas than Thanksgiving.

It was a lovely and all too soon it was time for Alan and Shelbie to leave to have a thanksgiving meal with Shelbie’s family (not on the same day, not sure their stomachs could have stood that).  We will not see them again in the Spring 😦

I started writing this on Monday and it now Friday.  The house has been very quite without everyone around and as normal, I have struggled to get back to normality. The internet is my refuge and I spend way too much time on it. However, the internet is also my saviour as it means I get to skype with the kids and see Juniper as she grows.

I am so lucky to have the love of my three children and now the joy of the being a grandparent.

Emily, Elisabeth, Juniper and Alan

Emily, Elisabeth, Juniper and Alan

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  1. Its middlechild here – I left a comment then forgot my password – mucked it up I think – Basically was saying what a beautiful set of photos and what a beautiful baby – I am so pleased for you – you sound very happy.

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