About me

I am a Mum to 3 beautiful grown up kidwith a wonderful husband called Gordon. Until recently I was a full time mum- mainly through choice.

Before marriage and kids, I studied Fine art – painting at Camberwell school of arts and Bath Academy of arts, getting a BA(hons) in Fine Art.  However, by the end of the course, I realised I wasn’t cut out for the ruthless world that is the art world and quickly drifted into a dead end job at the DHSS.(actually it was more like, I didn’t know how to get into the art world).  So basically, Marriage and kids was the ideal escape for me but I wouldn’t recommend that path to anyone.  Stay at home Mums, I have no problems with but I used it as an escape from the day to day battles in life, what a waste! I should have enjoyed my kids more, instead of fretting about life.

Now I am on a journey to rediscover myself


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